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Authentic Food from Many Cultures at Your
Next Special Event!

A Melting Pot of Dishes from
Around the World; Your Antidote to
"Same Old, Same Old" Catered Party Food.


Melting Pot of Catered Dishes
We served the dishes pictured above at a recent wedding reception.

From right to left: Honey Citrus Chicken (Thai); (top) Pork Tamale (Mexican; (bottom) Merkato Street Tacos (Ethiopian); Luau Plate (Hawaiian);
African Kick Chicken; Fruit & Lentil Rice (Adas Polow, Persian)

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Happy Bride- Stacy and Matt's Wedding

Your Guests will be Thrilled! Authentic ethnic food from many cultures, all mingling harmoniously on your guests' plates; That's how Catering Beyond Borders will make your wedding reception, corporate event, birthday, anniversary, retirement, graduation, Christmas or holiday party truly memorable.

Our Chefs Grew Up With These Dishes.
They're proud to share their heritage with you and your guests. And they're proud to be part of our global cuisine melting pot.

We're a Full-Service Catering department that's shared among the top ethnic restaurants, food carts and chefs in Portland Metro. It's their recipes, their chefs, creating their specialty dishes.

Li and Ken's Wedding


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a Full Service catering department that's Shared by Portland's top ethnic restaurants & chefs

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